A movieish Weekend in Chicago.

Since I am currently in Indianapolis for a couple of weeks for work related training, some colleagues and I decided to go a Weekend to Chicago. When we were getting close to the city, and were seeing it a few miles away, it’s true that it felt like in a movie, with those skyscrapers dominating the view over everything else.

Once we arrived we explored a little bit and looked for a place to have dinner before going to sleep, and between those high buildings that seemed infinite, it’s impossible to not get that unreal sensation of being in a movie. The next day, after sleeping some hours, that sensation decreased once I realized it was all real.

We arrived Friday evening, and used all Saturday to see the city and the points of interest we had marked. The following is a map of the main places we visited (we did not see the Field Museum and the Adler Planetarium because we run out of time).


Two facts to highlight are:

  • The Skydeck of the Willis Tower is on the 103rd floor, 412 meters above the ground. We visited it during the day.
  • The 360 Chicago of the Hancock Tower is on the 94th floor, 313 meters above the ground. We visited it during the night.
  • Both have amazing views!

The following are some of the photos I made during our trip. They can also be seen on Flickr.

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