Back to work! Or something like that.

Three years.

Three years have passed since I actively wrote on this blog in 2018 and, I’m not going to lie, it’s been three years of pure laziness. It was just easier to play video games, watch a movie or do nothing. But I have decided to give myself another chance, to see if I can kick back.

And honestly, it’s not because of lack of content. I’ve continued reading books, which I like to write about and give my opinion on, and for which I’ve been creating drafts on the blog; I’ve been to Hong Kong, Paris, and the Black Forest, and I’ve travelled to the Faroe Islands and Scotland (among others), and I’d like to write about these trips, show what I saw and leave it published as a memory. I have continued working as a systems engineer and even if it is for me, I want to write down some of the interesting things I’ve come across.

A few days ago I started, posting the reviews of Awake Online: Catharsis and Awaken Online: Precipice, the first two novels of the Awaken Online saga. The plan is to keep posting more reviews of this saga and other books, and to intercalate articles related to computing and travelling. It’s not like this is a Book Only blog, is it?

And what is this post, exactly? A small update to explain that drastic difference in dates between the most recent publications and the last publication of 2018. And at the same time it serves as a reminder for myself that I need to get my act together ?.

And I think that’s it!

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